Video - Schneider 300F cam in Corolla 4AC

Videa Radical SR5 Schneider 300F cam in Corolla 4AC

Schneider 300F cam in Corolla 4AC

Video of my 1986 Toyota Corolla SR5 with a newly reground camshaft from Schneider racing. Cam specs are .415" lift (at the valve) and 300 degrees of gross duration. For comparison sake, the stock cam is about .213" and 203 degrees duration. Obviously, this is a much more radical cam than stock. Currently my engine is a stock bottom end, a Weber 38 DGES carburetor, Schneider cam, and Schneider double valve springs. Next mod it to build a custom header. That should allow more airflow through the engine, so I can use my full 8000RPM power band.

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