Video - Radical SR3 RS cupcar (D. Freebird) @ TT Circuit Assen [720p HD]

Videa Radical SR3 Radical SR3 RS cupcar (D. Freebird) @ TT Circuit Assen [720p HD]

Radical SR3 RS cupcar (D. Freebird) @ TT Circuit Assen [720p HD]

Radical SR3 RS cupcar (D. Freebird) @ TT Circuit Assen [720p HD] De Radical SR3 RS is een sensatie om in te racen, een wegligging als een kart met de sensatie van het rijden gelijk aan een formule 1. Gemeten G krachten op het scheivlak in Zandvoort zijn 2.85.9 G. Radical Cup Spec. SR3 RS - FIA-certified powder-coated, carbon steel spaceframe chassis with integral safety cell and aluminium honeycomb front crash structure - Powertec 1500cc four-cylinder double overhead cam engine, dry sump with remote oil reservoir & oil cooler. 260bhp, 130ft/lbs, 10500rpm - Six-speed sequential gearbox, Powertec electro-pneumatic paddleshift system with flatshift and auto-blipper - Powertec Powerdrive final drive system incorporating torque-biasing limited-slip differential, integral reverse gear, oil pump and cooler - Intrax Black Titan four-way mono-tube shock absorbers - 280mm x 25mm front floating 48-vane brake discs - 260mm x 25mm rear ventilated 30-vane brake discs - Air jack system (includes 3x air jacks, lance and hose kit) - Race logger/dash with LCD display, 8Mb memory, 8 configurable inputs & G-sensor - FIA-specification 77-litre fuel cell - Manually-activated Zero 360 gas fire extinguisher system (FIA-homologated, three-nozzle) - Carbon-composite high-downforce bi-plane rear wing, endplates and wing support, carbon composite twin front diveplanes - High-downforce rear diffuser - Le Mans-style carbon composite rear view mirrors - 88Db quiet performance silencer EXCLUSIVE CUP ...

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