Video - Amro Al-Hamad On The Radical SR3 in Yas Marina Track Day

Videa Radical SR3 Amro Al-Hamad On The Radical SR3 in Yas Marina Track Day

Amro Al-Hamad On The Radical SR3 in Yas Marina Track Day

''Amro Al-Hamad on Radical SR3 in Yas Marina International F1 Circuit'' . Footage from my Go pro Camera on the track day held on the 9th of August 2012 . The humidity was over 70% and temperature abit less than 40 Degrees Celsius , just the right formula for a slippery circuit. That was my 2nd trial on the Radical since I had a go a couple off weeks earlier but on the less powerful verison Radical SST (1300 CCs) . The Radical SR3 shown on this video is equipped with a stroked Suzuki Hayabosa Engine (1500 CCs). The Car was courtsey off AUH Motorsports UAE . These gusy are real professionals . They had the car sent to abu Dhabi from their premises in Dubai , all checked and ready for me to take out , proper technical assistance , And even better a data log file after I was done with all data related to acceleration , braking , G forces exerted, turning points etc. which is contributing alot in getting better lap times off line. I made use off one of AUH's top drivers ''Sean'' . Sean was beside me at times giving me hints as he has more than 2 seasons off experience racing on that specific race track ... I beleive if I spent more time on practising and getting more confident in the car I could achieve way better lap times . Hoe uou like the video

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